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8 Options to get to any address in St Cloud from Minneapolis

Here are 8 optons to get from Minneapolis to St Cloud, MN

  1. Fly to St Cloud (STC) from Minneapolis (MSP)
  2. Rent a car
  3. Take a bus
  4. Take a train
  5. Call a Limo Service
  6. Call a private ride service
    1. A group shuttle serving:
      1. Group shuttle service such as Groome
    1. A Private Ride Car Service
      1. Citywide is an example of this type of service.
  7. See if there is an available Uber or Lyft driver willing to make that drive.
  8. Call a friend or relative.

The St Cloud Airport (STC) is serviced by Allegiant and Sun Country but neither fly between MSP and STC

Flying from Minneapolis to St Cloud is currently only available as a private charter staring around $1200.00

Fly or drive from Minneapolis to Duluth

Lets explore each of the options listed above in more detail.

Rent a car from the MSP airport to St Cloud.

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Take a Bus or Train from Minneapolis to St Cloud

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Call on a Limo or Private Ride Car Service from Minneapolis to St Cloud MN

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What is the difference between a Limo service and a private ride service?

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Uber / Lyft Ride Share Services

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See pricing from Minneapolis to St Cloud

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