Rides to or from the MSP airport

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Price for 1 minute

Minivan Service

Daytime Rides (8am to 8pm)
for 1 - 3 people

Prices DO NOT Include a Driver Gratuity

(8pm to 8am)
After Hour Rides

Black Car Service

Daytime Rides (8am to 8pm)
 for 1 - 3 people

Prices DO NOT Include a Driver Gratuity

(8pm to 8am)
After Hour Rides

12 Passenger Private Van

Daytime Rides (8am - 8pm)
 for 1 - 9 people

Prices DO NOT Include a Driver Gratuity

(8pm to 8am)
After Hour Rides

All Prices Listed Above Are Quoted By The Ride NOT By The Person One Way

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Mayo-Clinic & Minneapolis Private Ride Car Service

Citywide Shuttle offers a private ride car service. Rochester to Minneapolis and back.

We will set a specific date and time to pick you up.   We can pick you up from any address in Rochester, drive you directly to the Minneapolis airport or just about any address in the Twin Cities area. The only stops made are the ones you request. You are not sitting in a van with 14 other people you do not know. We are a private ride service only out of the Minneapolis / St Paul area.

You are being brought to the airport from Rochester. If this is a ride from Rochester to Minneapolis, you will receive a text 60 minutes prior to picking you up.  We will let you know your flight is on time and we are as well.  You will also receive an email the day before confirming your ride.

For all MSP pickups: We will monitor the flight status and be at the airport when your plane arrives.  We will drive you directly to your home, office or hotel. No more getting off a 4 hour plane ride only to sit in a van with 14 people you don’t know for the next 3 hours to take you on an hour and 30 minute drive home.

Your flight is early or delayed.  Our ride will be there when you arrive. If there is a significant delay and your ride interferes with another prescheduled ride and I cannot find another driver, you may have to wait. I do my best to have a backup driver for every run.

Where do I meet you at the MSP airport?  With or without checked bags, head to the baggage carousel.  Turn around and look at the closest exit door to you and that is where we pick you up. No need to lug your bags to another part of the airport to find your ride. You walk out of the exit door and into your ride.

Any other notifications provided? All Minneapolis to Rochester rides receive an email with pickup times to verify your schedule the day before. If you don’t receive this email, contact us to be sure nothing went wrong when we reserved your ride.

Rochester to Minneapolis Private Ride Shuttle Service
Think of us as a limo service without the limo prices…or the Limo 🙂

What about additional stops for family members. If there is a second or third stop you wish to add to pick up more family members, there would be an additional $10.00 fee per stop as long as the stops are within the same general area or along the route.

Children and infants are charged the same as adults but pets ride free!

Booster Seats and/or infant car seats. We charge $10.00 per seat rental or you can use yours and we will store it free of charge until your return ride.

What are your hours of operation? We operate 24/7 but we only answer the phones from 8am to 8pm Monday-Sunday.

Rides other than to or from the airport, call for pricing or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Cancellation Policy

Very Important: Cancellations can only be made between the hours of 8am and 8pm CST. 
Any un-used portion of your ride that has been canceled with 4 hours or more prior to your scheduled pickup date/time is 100% refundable. If we are on our way or have arrived, or if your cancellation notice came in after hours there is no refund. If there are more than 5 riders or your pickup location is more than 3 hours from the MSP airport, the cancellation time frame moves up to a 24 hour notice.

Add-On Options

Bottled Water (Free if requested in advance)
Coffee or Tea ($3.00 per cup if ordered in advance)
Soda or flavored water ($2.00 per bottle if ordered in advance)

Are Pets Allowed

Pets are welcome at no additional charge.  You do not have to cage or restrain them but you are responsible for any liability and / or cleanup charges including loss of revenue if I have to take the car down for professional cleaning.

Bad Weather Reservations from Rochester

If you book your ride during a weather event such as a snow storm, there will be up to a 60% surcharge.  This is to off-set the additional travel time expected. Rides paid for in advance before any known storms, are NOT subject to this surcharge

Holiday Pricing

In an effort to have drivers available for holidays, all rides from Rochester to Minneapolis or back are subject to a %20 surcharge to the holidays listed here.

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