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What is the best way to get from Bemidji to Minneapolis or Bemidji to MSP?

The best way to get from Bemidji to Minneapolis is Citywide. We offer direct, no transfer rides with Door-to-Door service. Our affordable car service is reliable, convenient, flexible and takes a little less than 4 hours from Bemidji MN to Minneapolis with a total distance of roughly 230 miles straight down US-Hwy 10.





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Basic Car Service

Daytime Rides (8am to 8pm)
for 1 - 3 people
Gratuity not included

---$10 For Each Addtional Rider over 3---

*(8pm to 8am)

After Hours
Driver Gratuity Not Included


Zone 26

Black Car Service

Daytime Rides (8am to 8pm)
for 1 - 3 people
Gratuity not included

---$10 For Each Addtional Rider over 3---

*(8pm to 8am)

After Hours
Driver Gratuity Not Included


ID 38

12 Passenger Private Van

Daytime Rides (8am to 8pm)
for 1 - 8 people
Gratuity not included


*(8pm to 8am)

After Hours
Driver Gratuity Not Included



All Prices Listed Above Are Quoted By The Ride NOT By The Person One Way
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Bemidji to Minneapolis Car Service

Is it cheaper to fly or drive from Bemidji to MSP?

If you drive yourself, it is cheaper depending on the length of your stay and where you decide to park your car. Taking Citywide from Bemidji MN to Minneapolis comes with some distinct advantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages to a Car Service from Bemidji to MSP

  1. Driving yourself is usually much cheaper than flying or being driven down by a car service
    A. Keep in mind this depends on how long you will be gone and where you decide to park.
    —–a. Daily Parking at the MSP airport: Terminal 2 around $25 or $30 at Terminal 1

  2. Flying to MSP runs between $250 and $400 a person but comes with some big disadvantages
    A. Flights are often canceled for lots of reasons. Weather, Mechanical, Ridership etc…
    B. Misplaced, lost or stolen luggage
    C. Delayed flights causing you to miss your connection

  3. Citywides private car service can be cheaper than flying.
    A. 2 or 3 riders can easily cost you $500 or more.
    B. Car services can and do drive in much worse weather than plans are allowed to fly in.

    Relax while driving from Faribault to MSP

  4. Is Citywide a better option than driving yourself from Bemidji to MSP?
    A. I guess this depends on your willingness to drive down to the cities.
    B. Advantages are:

    —–a. Not having to worry about where to park or if your car will start when you get back
    —–b. Keep the wear and tear off your car
    —–c. Eliminate the long walks from the MSP parking ramp to the Terminal
    —–d. Convenient pickup at the baggage carousels when you return

Service Options with Citywide on your ride from Bemidji to Minneapolis

Bemidji to Minneapolis Car Service Choices

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled luxury offered by our distinguished Black Car Service, showcasing an exclusive range from the sophisticated Lincoln Sedan to the roomy Yukon XL.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly alternatives, our dependable basic car service is an ideal selection. Our fleet encompasses mini-vans and compact SUVs like the Traverse, ensuring a ride that is both comfortable and economical.

Furthermore, for sizable private groups, we offer a premium 15-passenger private van service. Enjoy seamless transportation with abundant space for your entire group, ensuring everyone travels together in comfort and security.

Affordable Excellence: Citywide’s Commitment to Reliable and Budget-Friendly Travel

Bemidji to MSP Direct Car Service with a child in a car seat.

Citywide stands out with its unwavering commitment to both affordability and reliability. We recognize that travel expenses can become burdensome, which is why we provide competitive rates while maintaining top-notch quality service. Rest assured, with experienced and courteous drivers, your journey will be seamless and secure. Furthermore, your comfort and satisfaction are our priorities, and we aim to exceed your expectations every step of the way.
When looking to travel from Bemidji to Minneapolis, look to Citywide for reliable, safe and affordable transportation.

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