Rochester MN to Minneapolis MSP Airport

Minneapolis to Rochester: Why is flying into the Minneapolis Airport (MSP) then taking a car service to Rochester a better idea than flying into Rochester (RST)

Flying Minneapolis to Rochester Minnesota

Flying into the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport is often times Quicker, Cheaper, more Reliable & Comfortable and heres why.

The only direct flights from the major airlines into Rochester (RST) are from Chicago (ORD) & Minneapolis (MSP)

Driving from Mpls to Rochester MN is quicker than flying into RST

When flying into Minneapolis you will most likely have a layover of an hour or more. Read More

Driving to Rochester Minnesota is Cheaper than flying into RST

If there are two of you flying into Rochester from Minneapolis, the cost of the flight alone is Read More

Driving from Minneapolis to Rochester is more Reliable & Comfortable than flying into RST

Airlines will cancel their flights into RST for a variety of reasons. Read More

For information about TSA wait times at the MSP airport

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