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The easiest way to get from MSP to Ruttgers Bay Resort or Ruttgers Bay to Minneapolis is with Citywide, a private ride car service. 130 miles straight up US Hwy-169 or just about a 2 hour drive.





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Basic Car Service

Daytime Rides (8am to 8pm)
for 1 - 3 people
Gratuity not included

---$10 For Each Addtional Rider over 3---

*(8pm to 8am)

After Hours
Driver Gratuity Not Included


Zone 12

Black Car Service

Daytime Rides (8am to 8pm)
for 1 - 3 people
Gratuity not included

---$10 For Each Addtional Rider over 3---

*(8pm to 8am)

After Hours
Driver Gratuity Not Included


ID 24

12 Passenger Private Van

Daytime Rides (8am to 8pm)
for 1 - 8 people
Gratuity not included


*(8pm to 8am)

After Hours
Driver Gratuity Not Included



All Prices Listed Above Are Quoted By The Ride NOT By The Person

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Citywide Private Rides: Your Premier Choice from Minneapolis to Ruttgers Bay Resort

Minneapolis to Ruttgers Bay Resort

Welcome to Citywide, your trusted partner for luxurious and efficient private rides from Minneapolis to Ruttgers Bay Resort. Whether you’re a traveler seeking a seamless journey or a business professional in need of reliable transportation, Citywide has you covered. Our commitment to excellence, punctuality, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the preferred private ride service in the Minneapolis area.

Seamless Transfers to MSP Airport

At Citywide, we understand the importance of stress-free travel, especially when it comes to getting to and from the airport. Our Minneapolis to MSP Airport private ride service is designed with your convenience in mind. We prioritize punctuality, ensuring you arrive at the airport with ample time to spare, allowing for a relaxed and enjoyable travel experience.

Experienced and professional chauffeurs, committed to ensuring a safe and comfortable journey, drive our fleet of well-maintained, modern vehicles. Citywide ensures that your trip to MSP Airport is not only efficient but also enjoyable. We take pride in offering a personalized experience that caters to your specific needs.

Ruttgers Bay Resort – Your Gateway to Relaxation

MSP to Ruttgers Bay

Citywide Expanding its premium private ride services beyond the airport, Citywide seamlessly offers transportation to Ruttgers Bay Resort. Nestled in the heart of nature, the resort provides a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Moreover, our commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with the standards set by Ruttgers Bay Resort, making Citywide the ideal choice for your journey.

Whether you’re heading to the resort for a weekend getaway, a family vacation, or a corporate retreat, Citywide ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride. Sit back, relax, and let Citywide serve as your trusted travel companion to the idyllic destination of Ruttgers Bay Resort, with our drivers ensuring a hassle-free and scenic journey by being well-versed in the route from Minneapolis.

The Citywide Difference

What sets Citywide apart from other private ride services is our unwavering commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and attention to detail. Consequently, choosing Citywide is the best decision for your journey from Minneapolis to Ruttgers Bay Resort.

Punctuality and Reliability

Citywide understands the value of your time.Our trained drivers prioritize punctuality, ensuring you reach your destination on time, every time. We take pride in our reliable and efficient service, providing you with peace of mind throughout your journey.

Minneapolis to Ruttgers Bay Private Ride

Luxury and Comfort

Traveling with Citywide is not just about reaching your destination; it’s about enjoying the journey. Our fleet of vehicles is meticulously maintained, offering a luxurious and comfortable environment. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Citywide ensures a premium experience from start to finish.

Customer-Centric Approach

Ensuring your satisfaction is our priority. Furthermore, Citywide’s customer-centric approach means that we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. From personalized pickup and drop-off locations to accommodating special requests, we go the extra mile to make your journey with us exceptional. Therefore, choose Citywide for a Superior Travel Experience.

Embark on your journey from Minneapolis to Ruttgers Bay Resort with Citywide, your premier choice for private ride services. With a focus on punctuality, luxury, and customer satisfaction, we guarantee a seamless and enjoyable experience from the moment you book your ride to the time you reach your destination.

Trust Citywide to be your travel partner, ensuring that your trip is not only convenient but also a memorable part of your overall experience. Contact us today to book your private ride and discover the Citywide difference. Your journey begins with us!

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