Duluth to Minneapolis
Duluth to Minneapolis Private Ride Service (763) 313-6699

Duluth to MSP

Affordable, Professional and Friendly Private from Duluth to MSP

Citywide offers a Private ride service between the Duluth area and the MSP airport. We will drive you from other cities as well if needed. Click the above link to find pricing.

We will pick you up from any address in Duluth and bring you to the MSP airport. We will drop you off right outside your ticketing airline desk. This pricing is good from any address in the city limits of Duluth, MN to just about any address in the Twin Cities area.

If we are picking you up at the airport, we will track your inbound flight. We will have someone at the airport when you exit. You will walk out of the airport into our heated or air-conditioned car.

Where to meet us: No need to go to any other part of the airport. Regardless of weather you have checked bags or just a carry-on. Head down to the baggage cauracel and then to the nearest exterior door. Let the driver know what door you are at and we will meet you rithg outside that door. We will drop you off at any address in Duluth.

(763) 313-6699

If your English is limited, please text the number above. You can also email us at Rides@ShuttleServiceMSP.Com and we will respond using Google Translate.

To check out TSA security wait times and general MSP airport contact information, click here.

One of the websites we use to track your inbound flight is FlightRadar24.com. This allows us to be at the airport when you arrive and to see which door you are most likely to exit from.

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